Bariatric Surgery: Post-Op Day 1

Weighing In With Whit

Post-op day 1 was a very bad day for me. There, straight to the point – no sugar coating. I was very nauseous all day and spent a lot of time dry heaving {the last thing you want to do with 5 incisions healing in your belly}. I ran a low-grade fever for the better part of the day. My blood pressure was through the roof and my heart rate was elevated.

I was taken down about 10 am for my swallow test. The pre-op barium swallow was absolutely awful. It also indicated a hiatal hernia that they ended up repairing during my surgery. This, in my opinion was nowhere near as bad as the pre-op version. This time they provide a clear liquid and you only have to get 3-4 sips down – it is still one of the grossest things I have ever tasted but it was over in no time. I passed and was cleared for liquids!

I wasn’t able to get much other than water in that day due to nausea. Because of the symptoms I had been experiencing all day and the fact that I could not get any of my meals in, I ended up having to stay an additional night. Typically with the sleeve, patients are able to go home the next day. Thank goodness I packed extra underwear!

Through the night I continued to wow the nurses with getting my laps in and I could tell I was getting faster {up to turtle speed, no peanut butter}. If you get anything out of this I hope that it is the importance of getting up and walking. You will likely not feel like it. It will be painful. It will tire you out. Get your tail up and do it!

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