Bariatric Surgery: Week One Post-Op

Weighing In With Whit

It is important to not compare yourself, nor set your expectations, based on somebody else’s journey.

Even though my journey through this process started well over a year ago, I have been using the number I saw on the scale the day I began my pre-op diet {July 29}. I did my official weigh-in and I am happy to announce that I am down 20 lbs total {check out that cheesy smile from my photo this morning}! I lost 10 lbs. during the liver shrinking pre-op diet and have now lost 10 more lbs. since my actual surgery date.

I feel awesome! I am able to get up and move around a little more and I have gotten in a pretty good routine of getting my required protein and water in each day.

I was super excited to find a smart scale that 1) didn’t cost an arm and a leg, 2) links automatically to my FitBit app, and 3) will look great in my own bathroom once I return home. I found it on Amazon {of course I did, I literally buy everything from there} and just as soon as I can figure out how to get the link to stay I will update and provide the link for you!

I got the all-clear to start walking 20-30 minutes a day so I am looking forward to adding that into my daily routine tomorrow. The only pitfall I am experiencing right now is motion sickness. I have always been very prone to it. County fairs are NOT for me – I literally get sick just watching the rides and lights. I can’t ride in the third row seat of any vehicle and at times swinging on a swing set has ended with me ralphing in the bushes.

Sorry, that may be TMI, but I didn’t want to scare you into thinking that the motion sickness is a normal prolonged side effect for this procedure. One thing I knew before, but verify each day now, is that everyone reacts to this procedure very differently. From side effects to recovery time to rate and amount of weight lost – everyone is different! It is important to not compare yourself, nor set your expectations, based on somebody else’s journey {this applies to bariatric surgery and literally every other aspect of life}.

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