I Thought It Would Never Come – Surgery Day!


I’ve only waited for this day for a year and a half…and it finally came!

I didn’t sleep a wink the night before surgery. I was ready {check out the cheesy smile}! I registered with the hospital at 8:30 am and went to the waiting room on the surgery floor. It was only a couple of minutes before they called me back and my nerves were wrecked! I wasn’t second-guessing my decision to have the procedure, but I am not a fan of needles or just the idea of a major surgery so I was certainly anxious to get it over with. Before I knew it they had me prepped to go, pushed something into my IV and I barely remember waving bye to my mom and sister-in-law. I vaguely remember waking up in the recovery room. I vaguely remember waking up a few times after that in my own room and there were different visitors each time, but I couldn’t hold my eyes open long enough to visit with them.

About 3:30-4 pm I finally was able to keep my eyes open and I was ready to get up! I told my nurse that I needed to use the bathroom and then I wanted to take a walk. In all of my research and pre-op appointments I knew that there would be a lot of pain associated with the gas that is pumped into the stomach cavity to allow the procedure to be done laparoscopicly. I didn’t want to prolong it so by golly I was up and at em! I made a lap with the NA’s help and switched to the chair in my room. I had a few naps and a few visitors the rest of the afternoon. My sweet 2 year old niece, SJ, came to visit and did not like seeing her Auntie hooked up to machines. She told me to come on and asked if I was ready to go {seriously y’all, I have the most precious nieces and nephew}.

I was up and down throughout the night walking the hallways. I was moving about as fast as a turtle in peanut butter, but I was determined to get my laps in and try to walk the gas out.

Oh, the worst part of surgery day…you will be so thirsty when you wake up. You CAN’T have anything to drink! They did provide these lemon flavored swabs that were supposed to moisten your lips and mouth {super gross, somewhat sour, but clutch given the situation}. It was almost noon the next day before I was able to have something to drink! More to come on that…

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