A Girl Needs Options: Protein

Bariatric Diet, Weighing In With Whit

One vital part of the pre-op and post-op diet when having any bariatric procedure is protein. It can get old real quick if you only have a couple options! This is a preview into my protein options {it grows almost weekly – a girl needs options!}.

The key ingredient in protein needed by bariatric patients is whey protein isolate. You also want to find one that offers at least 20g of protein and approximately 10 g {or less} of carbs per serving. That can really limit powder options, but luckily they continue to come out with more and more options.

Alani Nu just came out with their Confetti Cake flavor right after my surgery and it has been my favorite find so far! Highly recommend you check it {seriously, who doesn’t love cake!?}.

Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day

Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Self care

Self care comes in many different forms. The cheapest and easiest – ME TIME! Life is busy, draining, exciting, and downright crazy sometimes. Back a couple months ago I started setting my alarm for 30 minutes earlier each morning {and I LOVE sleep, like…really love it #napqueen} to make sure that I have time to set aside for just me. It doesn’t have to be long – sometimes its 5 minutes, sometimes it 10 – it just has to happen! I don’t think about what I have to do that day. I don’t think about how much I deplore the traffic on my morning commute. I just take time for me, take in the sights around me and remind myself that today is a good day for a good day.