Blogging Ain’t Easy


Well, I am about a week into this blogging thing and let me just say…it ain’t easy. Yes, I did research. Yes, I knew it would not just create itself. But prior to starting I had this well-laid plan and had a list of literally like 300 topics that I figured I would just type out real quick and all the sudden I would have this functional blog that people would love reading. I’ve been struggling with ONE post for a week now – trying not to make those 5-7 mistakes {which when all compiled together equal out to probably more like 35-40} I keep reading about from other blogs.

Well, today is the day. I am taking the plunge. I guess I jumped the gun on this whole launch thing by starting with only one post, but I’ve also never been one to conform to any norm {just read my first post – it’s the theme of my life really}. Today I am finally going to start checking items off that list of 300 topics I spent so much time brainstorming.